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Conditional Sentence in Hindi


Hello friends, In this post I am going to teach you what is a conditional sentence and how many kinds of conditional sentence. I will also teach how this can be used according to situation. The conditional sentence has generally two parts one is condition that generally begins with “If/when” and other is result that is also called principal clause. This is very important topic to be learnt if you are preparing for various competitive exams of SSC and Bank. If you know the  tense you should know what is a conditional sentence and how to use it. The major problem we face while using conditional that we use will/shall/would or any other helping verb in condition part that is always wrong. we should always mind that these helping verbs are used only in condition part. Now Let’s Start…


The conditionals are used the describe the result of something that might happen in the present or future or might have happened in the past but did not happen.

Note:- 1. We know that there are two sentences ( Main clause & subordinate clause ) in conditional, and we should also know that Either can be used at first. Don’t be confused after reading this article. 

2. Mind That if we put the main clause first then we don’t need to use comma after it.

Kinds of Conditional sentences.

1. Zero Conditional

2. First Conditional

3. Second Conditional

4. Third Conditional

1.Zero Conditional:-

Zero Conditional is used to describe a statement this is always true.

1. If + Sub + v1/v+ obj + Simple Present Tense/ Present Indefinite Tense.

Ex. If you heat water to 100., it boils.  यदि आप पानी को 100. तक गर्म करते हो तो ये उबलने लगता है

When the sun goes down, it gets dark.  जब सूर्य डूबता तो अँधेरा हो जाता है|

2. First Conditional:-

First conditional is used when we talk about real and possibilities in the future.

2. If + Sub + v1/v+ object, + Sub + Shall/will +v+ Object

Ex. If you.come here daily, I will teach you how to speak English within 3 months.  यदि आप यहाँ प्रतिदिन आएंगे तो मैं आपको अंग्रेजी बोलना तीन महीने के अंदर सीखा दूंगा|

She will beat you if you abuse her.  यदि आप उसे गली देंगे तो वह आपको पिट देगी|

3. Second Conditional:-

The Second conditional is used to describe unreal, very unlikely,  impossible or imaginary situations.

3. If + Sub + V+ Obj + Sub + Would + V+ Object

Ex. If you went there, you would see Mr. Sinha.

She would get there on time if she went there by plane.

If I had enough money, I would go and live in Rome.

4. Third Conditional:- 

The third conditional is used to describe a situation that didn’t happen and to imagine the result of this situation. Moreover, the language we use is hypothetical or ‘imaginary’. We construct the third conditional through two main components:

4. If + Sub + had + v3+ object + Sub + would + have + v+ object

Ex. If you had told me earlier, I would have helped you. यदि आप पहले मुझे बता दिए होते तो मैं आपकी मदद किया होता|

She would have completed her graduation if she had not left her study after her marriage.  यदि वह शादी के बाद पढाई न छोड़ी होती तो वह स्नातक पूरा कर ली होती|

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